Mary Holoubek

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Homes are my passion! Old and full of charm or shiny-new-modern, I can appreciate the beauty in all of them. Back in my renting days, I'd move each year my lease was up to try a different neighborhood or get something a little bigger. Now that rented apartments have turned into purchased houses + a husband + step-daughter + a dog + WAY too much stuff, it's not nearly as simple.

So, what to do with this restless love of houses?

These days, I'm happy to get my 'fix' of house HUNTING and house SELLING vis-a-vis happy clients! Life is short, love where you live!

Outside of this business, my husband and I live In Racine and love working on our very own rambling Queen Anne from 1851 (it needs A LOT and is always a WIP!), camping with our dog, and checking out all the fun and interesting restaurants/shops/cool spots along Lake Michigan's Wisconsin coast with friends and family.