Ryan Pattee

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Ryan Pattee works with a diverse set of investors with two essential goals:

-Community Strengthening Investments
-Neighborhood Focused Development

Ryan Pattee, a Wisconsin native, has over 15 years of real estate development, brokerage, and management experience.

Mr. Pattee is an experienced lecturer on buying distressed and government owned property, and has worked with families throughout Wisconsin to create family wealth as well as community value.

"We would love to hear from you. My wife, investors, and I have strived to breathe life into neighborhoods that needed TLC and understand developers - focused on affordable, family-centered projects." - Ryan Pattee

- Tax foreclosures and "City-Owned Homes" in Milwaukee
- Milwaukee County seized property development
- Working with different levels of gov't on redevelopment
- Permitting and best-practices for residential development
- Mixed-use and commercial real estate projects