Sara Peruo

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Sara is dedicated to providing superior customer service, well-organized communication, smart negotiation and authentic representation of her clients’ needs. She considers herself a lifelong learner and is an entrepreneurial advocate for the arts, encouraging artists to effectively negotiate contracts, make a living doing their crafts and build wealth through strategic financial investment. Additionally, Sara is an accomplished performer having worked with entertainment production companies across the country as singer/actor/choreographer and skilled fine artist having successfully launched her own design company specializing in commercial interior branding and event design.

Sara was introduced to the world of real estate investment while living in New York City with her husband, Derek. Together, they have pursued auxiliary education as students of the Fortune Builders Mastery program and relocated to Sara’s native Milwaukee-area home in 2016 to be nearer to family and nature while continuing their pursuits in real estate investment and capital lending. No matter your real estate needs, when you get in touch with Sara expect a composed and confident demeanor, strong work ethic and research driven answers to your questions.